EPIC SSL-IRC project

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General information

This projects wants to create fully trusted IRC network, with clients and servers using SSL to communicate (including certificates). This implementation is a port of HQ's BitchX implementation (also has a server there). All parts have a lot work to be done. This implementation also supports IPv6.

This idea was inspired by William Gibson's Idoru, where children had a secret virtual city, safe, secure and trusted. It would be nice to have this on Internet in real life too.

Project status

The implementation currently is quite working, but doesn't have certificates support (accepts any server certificate and doesn't send client certificate). To try out simply compile the latest CVS version (or the release at epicssl.sourceforge.net ftp page.

./configure should check whether you have openssl installed. Please have a look at include/defs.h, if HAVE_SSL is defined (should be). Then just make and in the program issue command /server -ssl SERVER_NAME.

We have contacted the original EPIC developers to include our patches to the main EPIC distribution and are waiting for reply. We certainly need some testers and developers at this stage.

New!IRC server to test with -> hq.alert.sk:6667. In epicssl just issue command /server -ssl hq.alert.sk. Meeting channel is #epic (but don't expect anyone to really be there, I'm there when I'm online, nick juraj).

All of this was tested under RedHat Linux 6.x, OpenBSD 2.7. It's also reported to work on FreeBSD 4.0. It should work everywhere where vanilla epic and openssl work together.

EPIC-SSL is working under cygwin. You can get binary on the official download page (please report, if this pack is working and if there's something more you need to download). EPIC-SSL for win32 is here thanks to Daniel Richards. This build is based on 0.0.7, which generally means no ipv6 support.

Release 1.0 with few bugfixes and IPv6 support! This has been mostly taken from the work of Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.
Release 0.0.6 with bugfix of /window server not using -ssl flag can now accept also any other parameters (the handling was wrong).
Release 0.0.5 with one bugfix (thanks to mob for pointing me to that) that caused coredump and support for status line indicator (somewhere in set status_format add %|) -- not really much informative, but here's a screen shot of epic using third eye with added status_format. And improved README.ssl, you should really read that one.
Release 0.0.4 with initial buffering wanna-be fix (doesn't work, maybe a server problem?). Initial support for SSLv3 (now by default), improved ./configure script, added support for isencrypted() function for scripts (see README.ssl in the distribution).
Release 0.0.3 was never released to the public and contained first isencrypted() function support.
Release 0.0.2 with few minor bug fixes and ./configure remade (you can now specify path to openssl).


Please help us and look also at sourceforge's project page. We definitely need some developers (OpenSSL knowing developers, please mail me).

Original version written by Shock, server and epic port by Juraj Bednar. IPv6 support taken from Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.